Top 50 Energy Investors in United States

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Investors in the list rank based on the number of investments in Energy United states companies. The investor list contains both angel investors and VC funds. You can find favourite industries and stages of each investor on the list.
Energy Investors in United States
Name Number of investments Relevant deals Favorite stages Favorite industries Description In
Clean Energy Venture Group 53 38 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Energy; Sustainability; Manufacturing The Clean Energy Venture Group provides seed capital and management expertise to early-stage clean energy companies. The group is comprised of seasoned operating executives with strong capabilities in the energy and environmental sectors.
Breakthrough Energy Ventures 110 35 Series A; Series B; Funding Round Sustainability; Energy; Science/Engineering We're advancing clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions
Third Sphere 112 33 Seed; Pre-Seed; Convertible Note Software; Real Estate; Transportation Urban Us is now Third Sphere Read more about our upgrade here
Clean Energy Ventures 38 28 Series A; Convertible Note; Seed Sustainability; Energy; Manufacturing Clean Energy Ventures invests in scalable early-stage climate tech startups and clean energy technologies addressing global climate change.
Congruent Ventures 70 26 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Sustainability Congruent Ventures is a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in Mobility and Urbanization, Energy Transition, Food and Agriculture, and Sustainable Production & Consumption sectors. We look for technology companies that will positively impact our energy and resource consumption. If we see an opportunity to partner with a like-minded teamfocused on scale across hardware, software, or services, we’re interested.
Threshold 453 22 Series B; Series A; Series C Software; Internet; IT Threshold is an early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on a high-conviction investment strategy. The firm partners with entrepreneurs building innovative consumer, enterprise, and healthcare technology companies. Threshold was founded in 2019 and is based in Menlo Park, California.
RockPort Capital 100 21 Series C; Series B; Series A Energy; Sustainability; Natural Resources RockPort Capital is a multi-stage venture capital firm that invests in the areas of alternative and traditional energy, mobility, and sustainability. For more than a decade RockPort has partnered with entrepreneurs to foster growth and create value in a broad range of industrial and consumer facing companies whose technologies and products provideinnovative solutions to significant worldwide markets. RockPort has a collaborative approach to investing, deep domain expertise, and insights into all aspects of energy and cleantech. With offices in Boston and Menlo Park, RockPort is globally recognized as being among the largest and most established energy-focused venture capital firms.
Houston Angel Network 126 21 Seed; Funding Round; Series A Software; Health Care; IT The Houston Angel Network (HAN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the innovation ecosystem in Houston, Texas by supporting founders and startups with financial resources and mentorship.
Evergreen Climate Innovations (formerly Clean Energy Trust) 39 21 Convertible Note; Seed; Grant Energy; Sustainability; Manufacturing Evergreen Climate Innovations supports entrepreneurs and startups that are bringing impactful climate technologies to market.
Powerhouse Ventures 32 19 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Energy; Software; Sustainability Powerhouse Ventures backs entrepreneurs building the digital infrastructure for rapid decarbonization.
DCVC 270 18 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Deep Tech VC firm with over $3B under management
Prelude Ventures 109 18 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Sustainability; Science/Engineering Prelude invests in market moving startups addressing carbon reduction and resource optimization.
Shell Ventures 111 18 Series A; Funding Round; Series B Energy; Sustainability; Software Shell Ventures invests in companies to speed up development and deployment of new technologies which complement our business.
Braemar Energy Ventures 100 17 Series B; Series C; Series A Energy; Hardware; Manufacturing While energy has been a key to global development since the dawn of the electronic age, the beginning of the new century has seen a tremendous surge in the technology advancements, market activity and the strategic importance of energy around the world. While many companies and investors have sought to take advantage of the tremendous opportunitytoday's energy industry presents, the unique market issues, scientific contributions and complex web of interrelationships require a specialized expertise.Braemar Energy Ventures was formed in 2002 to create a venture capital firm with that expertise. Focused exclusively on technology and communications opportunities in the energy sector, Braemar Energy Ventures has both the industry and operating knowledge to select promising young companies, bring them into the larger energy world and guide them to reach their full potential.The firm's four principals have a long history of successful investments, as well as experience financing and operating companies in the energy sector. Together, they have been responsible for investing in almost 40 energy technology companies, including early stage companies which have grown to become some of the most successful in the sector.Braemar Energy Ventures works with management teams who are skilled in their industry but who can benefit from Braemar's assistance with strategic direction and financing issues. Having worked with many early stage companies, the Braemar Energy Ventures principals understand the challenges that many young companies face and provide invaluable counsel to their portfolio companies on longer-term issues, allowing management to focus on daily operations.
Khosla Ventures 639 16 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Khosla Ventures is a venture capital firm started in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems. The firm provides venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technologies.With over $15b assets under management, the firm focuses on a range of areas including consumer, enterprise, education,advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture, food, sustainable energy, and robotics. Khosla Ventures is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
The Engine 61 16 Seed; Series A; Series B Science/Engineering; Manufacturing; Sustainability A home for Tough Tech founders.
Connecticut Innovations 192 14 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Health Care; Science/Engineering; Software At Connecticut Innovations, we see venture capital the way you see your business. Like no one else. We invest in innovative biotech, IT, and other industries.
ONE WORLD Impact Investments LLC 46 14 Seed; Series A; Series B Science/Engineering; Manufacturing; Sustainability ONE WORLD provides training & investment capital to social impact enterprises. The mission of ONE WORLD is to scale social impact and improve the lives of individuals globally. In January 2017, ONE WORLD launched its impact seed fund focused on early-stage for-profit companies that are addressing social or environmental challenges. As ofJanuary 2022, the portfolio has 25 active investments, has participated in 15 follow-on rounds of financing, and has had 2 exits.
City Light Capital 129 14 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Health Care; Data and Analytics City Light is a venture capital firm that invests early in impactful companies. They partner with experienced teams building category-defining solutions in the areas of education, safety and care, and the environment - where more revenue equals better lives at scale, every time. As one of the earliest and most successful impacts investing firms,City Light has a track record of identifying and scaling impact in ways that build better companies. The firm was founded in 2004 and is based in New York, New York. Some of its key portfolio investments are 2U (Nasdaq: TWOU), ShotSpotter (Nasdaq: SSTI), Trilogy Education, and Ready Responders.
Energy Impact Partners 98 14 Series A; Series B; Series C Software; Energy; Sustainability Energy Impact Partners (EIP) is a collaborative strategic investment firm that invests in companies optimizing energy consumption and improving sustainable energy generation. Through close collaboration with its strategic investor base, EIP seeks to bring the best companies, buying power and vision in the industry to bear on the emerging energy landscape.
Right Side Capital Management 510 13 Seed; Convertible Note; Pre-Seed Software; Data and Analytics; IT Right Side Capital Management is a venture capital firm that helps startups build their company. It invests exclusively in the pre-seed round of technology startups and makes 75-100 investment per year. The firms prefers to invest in diversified technology sectors such as the internet and cloud companies.RSCM was established in 2010 and is basedin San Francisco, California.
Asymmetry Ventures 158 13 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Asymmetry Ventures invests in scalable early-stage companies with exceptional defensibility.
Chrysalix Venture Capital 84 13 Series B; Series A; Funding Round Energy; Manufacturing; Sustainability Leading global venture capital fund that invests in resource intensive industries across North America and Europe.
Blue Bear Capital 43 13 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Sustainability; IT Blue Bear Capital is a venture capital investor supporting companies that apply AI and data-driven technologies to energy infrastructures. The firm specializes in the fields of venture capital, financial services, and clean energy investments. It was founded in 2016 and headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.
Good Growth Capital 73 13 Seed; Convertible Note; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Good Growth Capital specializes in finding, cultivating, and assessing complex science and deep-tech start-ups. GGC invests in seed-stage and Series A deals through the General Fund family and in pre-seed and seed-stage companies through the Infinite Corridor Fund, which primarily targets MIT-affiliated and transformative science start-ups. GGC ismajority women- and minority-owned and is uniquely positioned geographically in both the Southeast and New England.
Energy Foundry 31 12 Seed; Funding Round; Series A Energy; Sustainability; Software We back today's most promising energy & cleantech innovators, and engage the world's leading companies to help build and scale. Our approach merges venture capital and an arsenal of essential tools and relationships to help you quickly achieve success.
Austin Ventures 166 12 Series B; Series A; Series C Software; Internet; Hardware Austin Ventures is a venture capital and private equity company that specializes in partnering with talented executives and entrepreneurs to build companies. It was founded in 1984 and headquartered in Austin, Texas.
Mercury 129 12 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Data and Analytics; Science/Engineering With over $500 million under management and $8 billion of value creation since inception, Mercury focuses on entrepreneurs and startups across Middle America. Our investment themes target SaaS, cloud, and data platforms enabling the digital transformation of markets, industries, and customer relationships.
BoxGroup 303 12 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Internet; Financial BoxGroup is an early stage investment fund focused on technology companies. Contact Us:
Ecosystem Integrity Fund 34 12 Series A; Series B; Seed Sustainability; Energy; Software The Ecosystem Integrity Fund (“EIF”) is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies contributing to environmental sustainability. It seeks to demonstrate that there is no trade-off between having a positive impact and achieving outstanding financial returns. The movement toward environmental sustainability is making incrementalimprovements to the largest industries in the world. Over the next several decades, the economy will be transformed by this movement.Sustainability is fundamentally about making things better: more efficient, more functional, less toxic, less costly. This is the next phase of the Industrial Revolution.
The Yield Lab 49 12 Seed; Series A; Convertible Note Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Biotechnology The Yield Lab invests in AgriFood Tech companies with technologies focused on crops, animal health, digital agriculture, logistics, and food ingredients. Initial investments range from $100,000 – $1.5M.
Collaborative Fund 165 12 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Financial; Health Care Collaborative Fund is a leading source of capital for entrepreneurs pushing the world forward.
Bolt 110 11 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Hardware; Health Care Bolt: Investing at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds
SJF Ventures 92 11 Series A; Series B; Funding Round Software; IT; Data and Analytics SJF Ventures is a venture capital partnership with offices in Durham, New York and San Francisco. Through its investment funds, the firm provides equity financings from $1MM to $10MM, solo or in syndicates, to companies seeking growth capital.As a venture fund, SJF Ventures focuses on the resource efficiency, sustainability andtechnology-enhanced services sectors. Representative investment areas include efficiency and infrastructure, asset recovery including reuse and recycling, sustainable agriculture and food safety, health and wellness technology, education technology and digital media and marketing services.When assessing investment opportunities, SJF Ventures is highly selective in identifying teams, markets and business models that can achieve rapid sales, strong profitability, and premium exits. In addition, SJF looks to partner with entrepreneurs who are committed to positively impacting the world through the businesses that they are creating.
Blackhorn Ventures 79 11 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Blackhorn Ventures is a collective of experts that invests in companies that are redefining resource efficiency in industrial sectors.
Social Impact Capital 46 11 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Science/Engineering; Health Care; IT Social Impact Capital specializes in investments that can deliver top decile returns in addition to a positive social impact. We focus on the "essentials of human need" — energy, water, food, health, environment, education, housing, access to capital, and social justice.We're a finance-first social impact venture capital firm,focusing on early-stage investment (Seed, Series A). We invest in high-growth companies where the driver of the business model is a social good.A top decile early-stage VC, we are a generalist firm with specialist due diligence capabilities: we leverage a broad network of advisors and venture partners with specific domain expertise.For more information about our firm, please contact
Liquid 2 Ventures 229 11 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Software; Financial; IT Liquid2 Ventures provides technology startups with seed-stage investments and is based in San Francisco, California. The firm was founded in 2015 by Joe Montana, Mike Miller, and Michael Ma.
My Climate Journey Collective 33 11 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Sustainability; Energy; Software My Climate Journey Collective is an early-stage climate tech fund. It seeks to invest in early-stage climate tech startups(primarily pre-seed, seed, and A across a wide range of sectors. Its typical check size is between $100-250k and aims for between 3-5 investments per quarter.
The Westly Group 93 11 Series A; Series B; Funding Round Software; Energy; Data and Analytics The Westly Group is focused on investing in the most innovative companies in the energy, transportation and smart building sectors. We are dedicated to finding and funding the best talent in creating a sustainable future.With extensive operating experience in the private and public sectors, from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C. and beyond, TheWestly Group uses its experiences to give firms the momentum they need to achieve their potential.
Wireframe Ventures 30 10 Seed; Series A; Series B Science/Engineering; Software; Health Care Seed venture capital for technology founders driven by a mission to build a healthier and more sustainable future.
Wisconsin Investment Partners 107 10 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Health Care; Science/Engineering; Software Wisconsin Investment Partners is an Angel Investment Group in Madison, Wisconsin founded in 2000 with 20 members.
Sustainable Ocean Alliance 38 10 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Sustainability; Science/Engineering; Food/Beverage SOA develops leaders, cultivates ideas, and accelerates solutions to the biggest problems facing our ocean through the Leadership and Accelerator programs
Sand Hill Angels 182 10 Seed; Series B; Series A Software; Health Care; Science/Engineering For over two decades, Sand Hill Angels has worked openly and collaboratively with venture capital funds, other angel organizations, and the Bay Area ecosystem that fosters the growth of technology startups.
Kleiner Perkins 805 10 Series B; Series C; Series A Software; IT; Internet Kleiner Perkins is an American venture capital firm headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley.
Prime Impact Fund 16 10 Seed; Series A; Series B Energy; Sustainability; Manufacturing Prime Impact Fund invests in transformative technology companies with the potential for gigaton-scale climate impact.
SaaS Ventures 84 10 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; IT; Data and Analytics We are enterprise software experts. We look to co-invest with strong leads, bringing our network of coinvestors and next round investors as well as enterprise software expertise to add value. We see ourselves as partners who can fill out a round quickly and be a positive influence, and non-competitive as we don't lead or take significantstakes in our portfolio companies. We generally write a small check into rounds of $750k-$3M that are mostly full, being low pain-in-the-ass to entrepreneurs compared to relatively high value add. Having been entrepreneurs, we know that's the most important part.While we'll invest anywhere in the US, we love "second tier markets" that can still support major exits but attract relatively less venture funding: Chicago, Toronto, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc etc!
PRIME Coalition 20 10 Seed; Grant; Series A Energy; Sustainability; Science/Engineering PRIME Coalition is a 501(c)(3) public charity
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center 129 10 Grant; Series A; Series B Sustainability; Energy; Science/Engineering The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy development and implementation—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth in Massachusetts. MassCEC is the first state agency in the nation dedicated solely to facilitating the development of the clean energy industry. We areled by people who bring knowledge, experience and an entrepreneurial attitude to help clean energy companies take full advantage of all the state’s unique assets, to help accelerate the development of renewable energy generation projects, and to help develop a workforce that is ready to roll up its sleeves to ensure Massachusetts’ place as a national and global clean energy hub.
Fifty Years 120 9 Seed; Series A; Series B Science/Engineering; Health Care; Biotechnology WE BACK HEROES using technology to solve the world's biggest problems
Chevron Technology Ventures 109 9 Funding Round; Series B; Series C Energy; Science/Engineering; Natural Resources Chevron Technology Ventures champions innovation, commercialization and integration of emerging technologies within Chevron.
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