Top 50 Agriculture (agtech) Investors in United States

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Investors in the list rank based on the number of investments in Agriculture (agtech) United states companies. The investor list contains both angel investors and VC funds. You can find favourite industries and stages of each investor on the list.
Agriculture (agtech) Investors in United States
Name Number of investments Relevant deals Favorite stages Favorite industries Description In
Innova Memphis 163 32 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Health Care; Science/Engineering; Software Founded in 2007 by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Innova is a pre-seed, seed and early-stage investor focused on starting and funding high-growth companies in the Biosciences, Technology and AgBio fields across the state of Tennessee. Innova links capital with great ideas to create groundbreaking products and services.At Innova we invest instart-up companies, help them grow, and then assist them in linking with established corporations for licensing, buy-outs or further investments. We provide the synergy of experienced management, market expertise and venture capital to accelerate the development of new products and services into viable business units that can stand on their own and then take their place with a mature market leader, if desired.Whether an innovation is still on the drawing board or stalled in the market place the Innova staff has the expertise, skills, and experience to envision and create a functioning business unit that is prepared to thrive in the market place. Technical know-how, market-proven staffing, and "just-right" funding assure the greatest chance possible for success.
SVG Ventures 89 26 Pre-Seed; Seed; Funding Round Agriculture/Farming; Software; Science/Engineering We work with leading corporations, startups, universities, and growers to solve the biggest challenges facing the agtech and foodtech industries.
SVG Ventures 85 25 Pre-Seed; Seed; Funding Round Agriculture/Farming; Software; Science/Engineering We work with leading corporations, startups, universities, and growers to solve the biggest challenges facing the agtech and foodtech industries.
The Yield Lab 49 22 Seed; Series A; Convertible Note Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Biotechnology The Yield Lab invests in AgriFood Tech companies with technologies focused on crops, animal health, digital agriculture, logistics, and food ingredients. Initial investments range from $100,000 – $1.5M.
S2G Ventures 124 17 Series A; Series B; Seed Food/Beverage; Gaming; Science/Engineering S2G Ventures is is a multi-stage venture fund investing in food and agriculture. We're harnessing the power of food innovation to create better outcomes for people and the planet.
Ag Startup Engine 24 15 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Health Care Ag Startup Engine is a systematic program to fund agtech and agriculture entrepreneurs and help them towards success through mentorship and financial support.
Cultivian Sandbox Ventures 42 14 Series A; Series B; Seed Science/Engineering; Agriculture/Farming; Biotechnology Cultivian Sandbox is a venture capital firm focused on building next-generation disruptive agriculture and food technology companies capable of generating superior returns. As early investors and active board members, we employ a hands-on approach to building companies and are often directly involved in setting company strategy, recruiting keyexecutives, and raising additional capital. Much more than simply a financial resource, we are capable of delivering tremendous value though active collaboration with our strategic partners and network, which are unparalleled in the agriculture and food industries.As both experienced operating managers and venture investors we add value to portfolio companies both through our highly skilled team and extensive industry network. Our investment team combines the domain expertise and investment experience from Cultivian Ventures and Sandbox Industries. Our expertise in sourcing, evaluating, closing, managing and ultimately exiting successful equity investments positions us not only to build stronger businesses, but reshape industries.
AgFunder 74 13 Seed; Series A; Series B Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Gaming AgFunder invests in impactful companies that can positively transform the world's food system. Founded in 2013, AgFunder manages a portfolio of over 50 companies across four funds from offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore. Through its media platform AFN, it has built a global ecosystem of over 90,000 subscribers.
iSELECT FUND 67 10 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Science/Engineering; Health Care; Biotechnology iSelect Fund is a venture firm which invests in companies addressing critical global issues, in large markets, with financially attractive business models.
Ag Ventures Alliance 14 10 Series A; Pre-Seed; Seed Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Software Ag Ventures Alliance is a company that offers agriculture business support services.
Cavallo Ventures 30 10 Seed; Series A; Series B Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Biotechnology Cavallo Ventures, VC arm of Wilbur Ellis, introducing technologies across all four divisions and markets of Wilbur-Ellis globally
Bread and Butter Ventures (fka The Syndicate Fund) 65 10 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Software; Gaming; Food/Beverage Bread and Butter Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage companies. Formerly known as The Syndicate Fund Bread and Butter Ventures was founded in 2017 by Brett Brohl and is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States.
Middleland Capital 83 9 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Agriculture/Farming Middleland Capital is a private investment firm focused on global early-stage technology opportunities. Leveraging a unique breadth of geographic and industry experience, the firm seeks partnerships with exceptional management teams to commercialize innovative technologies, accelerate growth, and build long-term value around the world.
Neglected Climate Opportunities 13 9 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Sustainability Neglected Climate Opportunities a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Foundation.
Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV) 26 9 Series A; Seed; Series B Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Software Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV) is the venture capital group at Monsanto Company. Monsanto has a large footprint as a provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. In this capacity, MGV aims to help nascent companies grow through capital and leveraging Monsanto’s agriculturee know-how and resources.MGV also fosters the growth of an innovation supply chain that includes researchers, entrepreneurs, other venture capitalists and emerging technology companies. Often, early stage product innovation is best handled by talented small independent teams and companies that can maintain a single focus, work in a capital efficient process and rapidly prototype innovations to find solutions. MGV has led investments in, and partnered with, small companies worldwide and They pride ourselves in assisting small companies to bring their innovations to the agricultural market place.Monsanto understands agriculture and the challenges in bringing products to market. They are patient investors and they can use their network of field testing and market intelligence to position products for success.
Pillar VC 79 8 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Science/Engineering; IT Pillar VC is a Boston venture capital firm that supports founders with early-stage and seed VC funding, investing in their professional & personal growth.
Radicle Growth 21 8 Seed; Series A; Grant Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Software Radicle Growth is a San Diego, California based accelerator and venture capital firm focused early-stage ag and food tech startups.
Fall Line Capital 35 8 Series A; Series B; Seed Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Software Fall Line Capital primarily seeks investment in broadacre farmland and agricultural technologies. The firm engages in purchasing and actively managing farmland throughout the United States, and by investing in technology companies that are strategic to our landholdings. Fall Line Capital's primary goal is to realize untapped productivity infarmland.
St. Louis Arch Angels 73 8 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Health Care; Science/Engineering; Biotechnology The St. Louis Arch Angels is a network of accredited investors who fund early-stage businesses across the St. Louis region.
New Enterprise Associates 1148 7 Series B; Series A; Series C Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care New Enterprise Associates, Inc. is a global venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs build transformational businesses across multiple stages, sectors, and geographies. With over $19 billion in cumulative committed capital since the firm’s founding in 1977, NEA invests in technology and healthcare companies at all stages in a company’slifecycle, from seed stage through IPO. The firm's long track record of successful investing includes more than 210 portfolio company IPOs and more than 360 acquisitions.
Ospraie Ag Sciences 22 7 Series A; Series B; Post-IPO Equity Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Biotechnology Ospraie has developed internal expertise and an extensive network investing in agriculture, in public and private markets, including successfully building and profitably exiting multibillion-dollar ventures.
Congruent Ventures 70 7 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Sustainability Congruent Ventures is a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in Mobility and Urbanization, Energy Transition, Food and Agriculture, and Sustainable Production & Consumption sectors. We look for technology companies that will positively impact our energy and resource consumption. If we see an opportunity to partner with a like-minded teamfocused on scale across hardware, software, or services, we’re interested.
Lowercarbon Capital 58 7 Series A; Seed; Series B Science/Engineering; Sustainability; Energy Lowercarbon Capital backs kickass companies slashing CO2 emissions, sucking carbon out of the sky, and buying us time to unf**k the planet.
Invest Nebraska 120 7 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Health Care; IT Invest Nebraska builds a better future for our state by providing financial and operational assistance to high growth companies, advancing the entrepreneurial economy, and attracting out-of-state capital to Nebraska.
Lewis & Clark AgriFood 14 6 Series B; Series A; Seed Science/Engineering; Agriculture/Farming; Biotechnology Lewis & Clark AgriFood is an investment firm that focuses on the fields of agrifood, agricultural innovation, sustainability, ag-tech, and growth equity. The firm lean towards tech-enabled, sustainable AgriFood companies in the late-stage VC/growth stage with converging to positive operating cash flow. This limits risk and leads tooutsized returns.
DCVC 270 6 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Deep Tech VC firm with over $3B under management
Prelude Ventures 109 6 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Sustainability; Science/Engineering Prelude invests in market moving startups addressing carbon reduction and resource optimization.
Hyde Park Venture Partners 156 6 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; IT; Internet Hyde Park Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on high-growth, mid-continent technology startups. We seek companies with an exceptional founding team and fast-growth potential, looking to raise a first or second round of capital.
Hyde Park Angels 124 6 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Internet; Data and Analytics Hyde Park Angels is a venture capital firm that transforms early-stage investing that provides value to entrepreneurs and investors by driving startup growth and investment success. The firm specializes in the fields of angel, investing, and venture capital. It was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
Syngenta Ventures 51 6 Series C; Series A; Series B Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Biotechnology Agriculture Venture Capital
Spark Capital 398 6 Series B; Series A; Series C Software; Internet; Financial Spark Capital invests in products we love by creators we admire across all sectors and stages.
Khosla Ventures 639 6 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Khosla Ventures is a venture capital firm started in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems. The firm provides venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technologies.With over $15b assets under management, the firm focuses on a range of areas including consumer, enterprise, education,advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture, food, sustainable energy, and robotics. Khosla Ventures is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
Cultivation Capital 168 6 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Cultivation Capital invests in young companies whose ideas have potential to transform the way we live and work.
Right Side Capital Management 510 6 Seed; Convertible Note; Pre-Seed Software; Data and Analytics; IT Right Side Capital Management is a venture capital firm that helps startups build their company. It invests exclusively in the pre-seed round of technology startups and makes 75-100 investment per year. The firms prefers to invest in diversified technology sectors such as the internet and cloud companies.RSCM was established in 2010 and is basedin San Francisco, California.
Rev1 Ventures 127 6 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Health Care; Science/Engineering Rev1 Ventures provides seed stage venture capital funding in Columbus, Ohio along with startup services, space, mentoring, and connections. Learn more!
Rabobank Food & Agri Innovation Fund 19 6 Series A; Series B; Seed Agriculture/Farming; Science/Engineering; Software Rabobank emerged from several small agricultural cooperative banks, founded by Dutch farmers in the late nineteenth century. Food & Agriculture (F&A) is in our DNA, from which we built a unique position in the F&A sector as a key financier and international player, attributes which we leverage for the benefit of our stakeholders andportfolio companies. We recognise and understand the food security challenges lying ahead of us and how Innovation in F&A supply chains is key to the solution, which is why we are dedicated to committing capital to the space.
Evergreen Climate Innovations (formerly Clean Energy Trust) 39 6 Convertible Note; Seed; Grant Energy; Sustainability; Manufacturing Evergreen Climate Innovations supports entrepreneurs and startups that are bringing impactful climate technologies to market.
Root Ventures 79 5 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Hardware Root Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in technical teams working on deep tech. The firm specializes in the fields of financial services, venture capital, and investments. It was founded in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, California.
GV 662 5 Series B; Series A; Seed Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care GV provides venture capital funding to bold new companies. Across the fields of life science, enterprise technology, consumer products and services, and frontier technology, GV's portfolio companies aim to improve lives and transform industries. GV's team of world-class engineers, designers, physicians, scientists, marketers, andinvestors work together to provide startups exceptional support.Launched as Google Ventures in 2009, GV is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc. GV helps startups interface with Google, providing unique access to the world’s best technology and talent.GV has $8 billion under management. Notable investment outcomes include Uber, Slack, One Medical Group, Nest, Flatiron Health, and Duo Security. GV is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in San Francisco, Boston, New York, and London.
SP Ventures 59 5 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Agriculture/Farming; Software; Science/Engineering Portfolio (Fundo de Inovação Paulista)Launched in 2014, Fundo de Inovação Paulista (FIP) is a R$ 105 Million Venture Capital Fund that counts with top tier Limited Partners: Desenvolve SP, FINEP, FAPESP, Sebrae-SP, CAF, and Jive Investments. FIP is focused on technology-based startups located in the state of São Paulo, the most importanteconomic pole in Brazil. Investment tickets vary from R$ 2 Million to R$ 6 Million per company, on average, but can reach R$ 15 Million including follow-ons.Track-Record (Fundo Criatec I)SP Ventures was established in 2007 as the Venture Capital firm responsible for Criatec I Fund’s investments in São Paulo. Criatec I was a cornerstone in Brazilian Venture Capital Industry led by BNDES and BNB. From 2007 to 2013, over 1,200 companies were analyzed and 8 investments were made by SP Ventures.EntrepreneursWe back technology-based companies in the segments of Agricultural Technologies; Information and Communication Technologies; Health Technologies; New Materials; and Nanotechnologies.We seek investment opportunities with the following profile:- Passionate entrepreneurs with solid technical background and market-orientated attitude- Proprietary technology with high scalability potential- Large proportions targeted-market- São Paulo based- Annual Revenue inferior to R$ 18 Million"
Trailhead Capital 12 5 Series A; Seed; Convertible Note Agriculture/Farming; Software; Science/Engineering Trailhead Capital is a mission-driven investment firm creating outstanding financial, societal, and ecological returns by backing entrepreneurs who are building the regenerative future of food and agriculture.
CRCM Ventures 115 5 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Hardware; Science/Engineering CRCM Ventures invests in early stage companies, targeting consumer, climate tech, frontier tech, health, and fintech industries.
Acre Venture Partners 32 5 Series A; Series B; Series C Food/Beverage; Gaming; Science/Engineering Driven by a mission to redefine food, Acre invests in companies creating systemic change in the food system to address the growing problems of human and environmental health. Acre makes venture-stage investments in highly disruptive platform business across the food value chain, with a particular focus on the agriculture, food tech and consumerverticals. Taken together, these investments have the ability to form the foundation of an integrated new approach to food system evolution.
BBG Ventures 100 5 Seed; Series A; Series B Commerce/Shopping; Community/Lifestyle; Software BBG Ventures is an early stage fund focused on consumer tech startups with a female founder.
UpWest 105 5 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Software; IT; Internet UpWest is a Silicon Valley-based seed fund investing in Israel’s most promising entrepreneurs. UpWest is focused on a hands-on approach to supercharge the growth of its startups, providing the essential ingredients for success: seed funding, proximity and access to markets and capital, and a supportive community of talented peers. For moreinformation, visit
Blue Horizon Corporation 84 5 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Food/Beverage; Gaming; Science/Engineering Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a new Sustainable Food System that delivers outstanding returns for investors and the planet.
Spero Ventures 5 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Spero Ventures makes venture investments in the things that make life worth living - wellbeing; sustainability; learning, work, and play.
Social Starts 187 5 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Internet; Health Care Social Starts is a $60M+ venture capital partnership with a uniquely data-driven approach to investing in moment-of-inception and Series A financing rounds.
Alumni Ventures 526 5 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; IT; Data and Analytics Alumni Ventures offers diversified venture portfolios to accredited investors into highly competitive deals that individuals typically do not have access to on their own.
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