Top 50 SaaS Investors in New Zealand

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Investors in the list rank based on the number of investments in Saas New zealand companies. The investor list contains both angel investors and VC funds. You can find favourite industries and stages of each investor on the list.
SaaS Investors in New Zealand
Name Number of investments Relevant deals Favorite stages Favorite industries Description In
Icehouse Ventures 108 49 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Icehouse Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm. We exist to back the world's bravest Kiwi founders, launching global companies from New Zealand.
Enterprise Angels 97 30 Funding Round; Seed; Angel Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Connecting startup business owners with angel investors to raise capital . Access a network of expertise and investment opportunities.
K1W1 54 25 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Science/Engineering; Hardware K1W1 provides startups and businesses in New Zealand with early and later-stage venture investments.
New Zealand Venture Investment Fund 35 14 Seed; Series A; Angel Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Your guide to finding and using government services.
Flying Kiwi Angels 9 9 Angel; Pre-Seed; Convertible Note Apps; Software; Other Flying Kiwi Angels ? Helping Kiwi Startups
Movac 29 8 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Commerce/Shopping; Hardware Movac is New Zealand's most experienced technology investor and is deeply integrated into the Kiwi tech sector. We've been actively investing since 1998.
Punakaiki Fund 11 6 Seed; Funding Round; Angel Software; IT; Apps New Zealand Venture Capital
AirTree Ventures 114 6 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; IT; Commerce/Shopping AirTree is a venture capital firm investing in Australian and New Zealand technology founders from seed stage or earlier.
Sparkbox Ventures 15 6 Angel Mobile; Software; Sales/Marketing Sparkbox Ventures was founded in 2001 and is New Zealand's most active seed stage investor
Global from Day One 25 5 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Manufacturing; Health Care GD1 is a Venture Capital firm that invests with high conviction in exciting technology companies originating from New Zealand. Our team is passionate about creating and growing global businesses, and our goal is to transform NZ made into the next generation of globally disruptive tech solutions.
Hillfarrance Venture Capital 6 5 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Software; Data and Analytics; AI We believe that the greatest challenges facing our world will be solved by audacious Kiwi entrepreneurs, and we are here to help their bold vision to become a reality.With passion, humility and transparency, we exist to serve entrepreneurs with honest advice, an open door to our international network, and investment capital that is fair toFounders.We invest in diverse entrepreneurs who are building sustainable and defensive business models, that democratize new technology, extract unique value from proprietary data and create an unfair market advantage as a result.Hillfarrance is named after the British ancestral village of our Founder - Rob. His family’s door was always open to good people and when they entered, they were treated as family - sitting around the fire for a chat and a cuppa. We may have moved hemispheres, but the values remain the same. Welcome to our whānau.
New Zealand Growth Capital Partners 12 5 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; IT; Data and Analytics The New Zealand Growth Capital Partners (formerly New Zealand Venture Investment Fund) was established to support early-stage technology companies and to stimulate private investment into this space.
Ice Angels 15 5 Seed; Angel; Series A Software; Hardware; Apps - New Zealand most active Angel Network. A network for New Zealand's leading entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professional investors.
CP Ventures 50 4 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics CP Ventures is a VC fund that invests internationally in early stage, highly scalable, breakthrough technology companies driven by the 4IR
Founders Fund 513 4 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Founders Fund is a San Francisco based venture capital firm investing in companies building revolutionary technologies.
Phil McCaw 4 4 Funding Round; Seed; Pre-Seed Internet; Design; Energy Managing Partner @ Movac
Chris Sang 108 4 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Internet; Data and Analytics
Tuhua Fund 10 4 Seed; Series A; Angel Software; Science/Engineering; Hardware Micro-Venture Fund investing in 25 Kiwi Startups
AfterWork Ventures 38 4 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Software; Financial; Commerce/Shopping We are a community-powered VC fund making pre-seed / seed stage investments in Australian and New Zealand startups. Our community is rallied around a shared goal: to invest in the next generation of Australia and New Zealand startups at the very earliest stage, and then support them on their long a
Blackbird Ventures 190 4 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; IT; Internet Blackbird is a venture capital fund based in Australia and New Zealand. We invest in every type of technology from software to space, unified by the biggest of ambitions.
Pacific Channel 5 4 Seed; Series A Software; Hardware; Health Care Investing in great people solving hard problems to create a better future.
Melbourne Angels 34 3 Angel; Seed; Funding Round Science/Engineering; Software; Commerce/Shopping Melbourne Angels was formed in Melbourne, Australia in early 2007. Melbourne Angels is the leading group of private investors in Victoria who actively invest in early stage and growth technology companies.The group has a strong and experienced core of members that generate deal flow, are experienced in evaluation of business propositions and actas mentors for the other members and the entrepreneurs. The members vary in age, gender, ethnicity, profession and type of experience. All members have experience of success at being entrepreneurial.This award winning group is consistently one of the most active startup investors in the country.
Rich Chetwynd 3 3 Seed; Angel Software; Privacy/Security; IT Founder / CEO @ ThisData Director @ Lupchoo Director of Product Management @ OneLogin
Chintaka Ranatunga 6 3 Seed; Series B Software; Apps; Mobile Venture Partner @ Sparkbox Ventures Director @ APIMatic
Reinventure 58 3 Series A; Seed; Series B Financial; Software; IT Reinventure is pioneering Founder-First Corporate Venture Capital. They champion founders who have the vision, ambition and hustle to transform an industry across Asia-Pacific and beyond, propelling them with the support of a top 20 bank globally.With $150 million under management and Westpac Banking Corporation as its largest limited partner,Reinventure is focused on uncovering, investing in and nurturing scalable early businesses in FinTech and adjacent areas that will be the future of the industry.
Endeavour Capital Limited 7 3 Funding Round; Series B; Private Equity Software; IT; Mobile Trading, Capital, Trusted Advisory, Proven Stewardship
AngelHQ 12 3 Seed; Angel; Series A Software; IT; Data and Analytics Angel HQ is Wellington region's angel investment network - follow us for angel investing info, and a way to connect to local, national and international angels.
Advent International 126 2 Private Equity; Series C; Funding Round Software; Financial; Health Care Advent is one of the largest and most experienced global private equity firms, with deep sector expertise.
First Round Capital 520 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Internet; IT First Round is a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies.
Threshold 447 2 Series B; Series A; Series C Software; Internet; IT Threshold is an early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on a high-conviction investment strategy. The firm partners with entrepreneurs building innovative consumer, enterprise, and healthcare technology companies. Threshold was founded in 2019 and is based in Menlo Park, California.
Jonathan Hendriksen 3 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Apps; Video; Mobile Founder | CEO @ Shuttlerock Founder & Chairman @ Photowonder
Shane And Vanessa JOHNSTON 2 2 Seed; Series A Apps; Video; Mobile
Rampersand 32 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Hardware; Science/Engineering Rampersand is an early-stage venture capital firm. We invest in the best Australian technology founders, teams and companies and are committed to helping them become major national, regional and global leaders.The rampersand team has worked with successful startups and technology firms in Australia, Silicon Valley, Israel, Europe and Asia. Ourpartners have seen numerous companies from the early stages through to successful exits including BEA Systems (acquired by Oracle for US$7.2bn), Jajah (acquired by Telefonica), Snaptu (acquired by Facebook), Onavo (acquired by Facebook), StepStone (acquired by Axel Springer) and Amobee (acquired by Singtel for over US$300m).As you can see, we have done it before and know that companies need more than just capital to succeed.
Equity Venture Partners 46 2 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Commerce/Shopping; IT EVP is an early stage venture capital firm based in Sydney Australia. The fund targets early Series-A investments in the range $0.5 – $5.0 million. The fund is sector agnostic but has a focus on Australian based B2B or Enterprise SaaS businesses.
Emlyn Scott 31 2 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Managing Partner @ CP Ventures
Square Peg Capital 109 2 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Internet; IT Square Peg is a global investment firm on a mission to empower exceptional founders. With investing teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, and Singapore, Square Peg invests in emerging technology companies across the internet economy.
Seven Peaks Ventures 63 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; IT; Data and Analytics Seven Peaks Ventures was founded in 2013 in Bend, Oregon to support our local economy as well as create jobs for our growing and unique community. Seven Peaks is a leader in regional startup support.
Blockchain Founders Fund 75 2 Pre-Seed; Seed; Funding Round Financial; Software; Other We Focus Exclusively On Adding Value To Blockchain & Emerging Technology Projects With Real World Applications.
Yamaha Motor 16 2 Corporate Round; Series A; Series B Transportation; Hardware; Software Corporate profile and facts about Yamaha Motor.
Bessemer Venture Partners 726 2 Series B; Series A; Series C Software; IT; Internet For the entrepreneurs who want to create revolutions of their own.
Folklore Ventures 27 2 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Financial; IT Folklore is a team of investors, founders, and builders committed to supporting Australian and New Zealand tech founders. We are a first cheque to forever investment firm, and we believe in the power of founder vision and the potential of teams, right from the start.
Peter Beck 4 2 Series A; Series B Hardware; Software; Agriculture/Farming CEO, CTO, Founder @ Rocket Lab
Promus Ventures 120 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Hardware; Data and Analytics Investing in early-stage deep-tech software/hardware companies run by visionary and tenacious founding teams.
Sam Morgan 4 2 Seed; Series D; Funding Round Software; Internet; Design Major Shareholder @ vWork Director @ Sonar6 non-exec director @ Xero
Alex Rigopulos 10 2 Seed; Series A; Angel Mobile; Apps; Internet
Richard Collier Keywood 2 2 Funding Round IT; Software; Other Vice Chairman @ PwC
Lewis Holdings 3 2 Seed Hardware; Software; Data and Analytics Lewis Holdings was added in 2013.
Nicole Fougere 2 2 Seed; Angel Software; Privacy/Security; IT Co-Founder & CCO @ ThisData
Direct Capital Private Equity 2 2 Funding Round Software; Sales/Marketing; IT Direct Capital is a private equity manager established in 1994. Today Direct Capital remains owned and managed by three of its founding directors, Ross George, Mark Hutton and Bill Kermode. The team has grown to 13 investment professionals, who together have 110 years of private equity experience.Direct Capital seeks to be a pre-eminentprovider of equity capital to Australasian businesses lacking ready access to the stock market, with a focus on increasing shareholder wealth in private companies, and assisting shareholders to release value.
Rowan Simpson 4 2 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Transportation Chairman & Trustee @ Hoku Group Director @ Vend
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