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YC Application Examples

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  • MagicBell (W21) The notification inbox for web/mobile applications.
  • Dendron (W21) Notion for Developers
  • Metlo (S21) Open-source API security platform.
  • Virtually (S20) Learner Analytics and Automations for Online Schools
  • InEvent (S19) Virtual and hybrid B2B event platform
  • Prolific (S19) Building the most powerful platform for research on the internet.
  • OpenPhone (S18) The all-in-one business phone for teams.
  • Slite (W18) Improving communication for remote and async teams.
  • Goodly (S18) Student loan repayment as an employee benefit.
  • Relationship Hero (S17) Dating & relationship coaching sessions for individuals and couples
  • Simple Habit (W17) Simple Habit is the company behind the science-backed Sleep Reset…
  • bxblue (S17) bxblue is a marketplace for people with guaranteed income in Brazil.…
  • Paystack (W16) Modern payments infrastructure for Africa
  • The Flex Company (S16) Modern period care.
  • Mimir (S15) A platform for STEM courses featuring automated grading, plagiarism…
  • Shotput (S15) Shotput (S15) develops AI and robotics to completely automate…
  • 80,000 Hours (S15) An online guide that tells talented graduates how to maximise the…
  • GitLab (W15) A complete DevOps platform delivered as a single application.
  • Kash (S14) We are fixing how money works.
  • Cruise (W14) Self-driving cars.
  • SketchDeck (W14) Operating system for creative agencies
  • Apptimize (S13) Apptimize lets mobile teams innovate faster to create an amazing user…
  • Standard Treasury (S13) Banking APIs; acquired by Silicon Valley Bank in August 2015
  • One Month (S13) One Month's affordable online bootcamps teach people how to code in…
  • Lollipuff (W13) Online Auctions for Authentic (Women's) Designer Goods
  • The Muse (W12) The Muse is values-based job search & hiring for 7M+ monthly
  • Make School (W12) Make School is redesigning college for the 21st century. Students…
  • FamilyLeaf (W12) Help families stay in touch
  • Proxino (S11) Javascript proxy.
  • OwnLocal (W10) OwnLocal automates marketing for over 129,000 SMBs through 3,300…
  • Mixpanel (S09) Product analytics to help convert, engage, and retain more users.
  • Dropbox (S07) Backup and share files in the cloud.

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