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Anything else you would like us to know regarding your revenue or growth rate?

How 8 YC companies answered the "Anything else you would like us to know regarding your revenue or growth rate?" question from the YCombinator Application.

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"Anything else you would like us to know regarding your revenue or growth rate?" — 8 answers


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All our revenue is from 3 pre-sales for lifetime use of our product. It's obviously heavily discounted but we couldn't think of a better way to validate our idea and asking for more seemed like a sure-fire way to get a "No." Additionally, 1 out of the customers who bought it in the pre-sale is a close friend of Shri's.


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The august revenue is committed but not yet realized since we are still waiting for our EIN to set up our bank account and Stripe. We hope to have it all in place by the time YC sends out the interview invites.


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We plan on getting to 50 very active users before launching our paid plans.


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We have over [redacted] in deferred revenue which will be booked from prepaid funds going forward. We have seasonal effects (primarily due to the academic calendar). December to February are typically the slower months and we expect stronger growth in the coming months (we're projecting [redacted] in March).


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our revenue is better calculated per year: 2015 - 39,000 USD 2016 - 225,000 USD 2017 - 696,000 USD 2018 - 1,151,000 USD


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We're preparing to launch our beta and plan to have revenue soon.


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We started the app free while in private beta. Mainly to double down on product experience and making sure we are creating value for users. We introduced billing 2 weeks ago and gave all existing users at least 30 days of free trial and 32 of them have already started paying and we expect many more once we get closer to the end of existing trials.


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We were using pocket money to test the marketplace. Next month we begin to invest our pre-seed money and will start a stress test in the audience \o/

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