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How long have each of you been working on this? How much of that has been full-time?

How 28 YC companies answered the "How long have each of you been working on this? How much of that has been full-time?" question from the YCombinator Application.

28 answers / 35 words on average
It is a chance to prove that you can move quickly. Also, consider listing your most important milestones.

"How long have each of you been working on this? How much of that has been full-time?" — 28 answers


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About six months, of which the last month has been full time.


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I left my full-time job at Amazon to work on Dendron. The first year was split between doing consulting work while working on Dendron. Starting February of 2020, I've moved to working full time on Dendron. Knowledge management has been a lifelong obsession of mine and I use Dendron to manage a corpus of +20K note


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We had the idea ~3 weeks ago. Since then, we've done 15 user interviews and are on track to ship our MVP by 03/26 to our first few users. Akshay has been working on this full-time for 2 weeks. Shri has been working nights and weekends for the last 2 weeks and full-time for 2 days (all the PTO he could take right now).


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I’ve been full-time since leaving my software engineering role at Facebook in March of 2019. Since then, the company direction has changed 2–3 times after valuable insight from customers until eventually settling on this iteration in mid-November, 2019.


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Full time for 4 years, all 3 founders. We will hit 5 years on November 4th, 2019. We have a commitment to work on this at least until 2030 or 1 billion in revenue, whichever comes first.


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Both of us have been full-time only the last 8 months and part-time (during PhDs) for the preceding 4 years. We've effectively used our PhD programs as incubators to get Prolific off the ground.


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We quit our jobs at Rippling four weeks ago to work on this full-time.


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Full-time, I have hard times being part-time on something ?

Simple Habit(W17)

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We've been working on the company for 8 months (since February 2016). We have ~40k lines of code for all our platforms combined.


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About 12 months. Full time.


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Since Nov, 2014

The Flex Company(S16)

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I’ve been working on FLEX for over 1 year. Our product is fully designed and ready for manufacturing. We have a supplier contract drafted and we’re currently working to close with a North American contract manufacturer. * In April, we launch preorders * In September, we ship to customers * In 2017, we expand to retail


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~5000 lines


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1 year and ##k lines of code


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Since 2011, over 10,000 commits, see

80,000 Hours(S15)

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We started working as volunteers in November 2011. Since July 2012, we’ve had about three full-time staff on the project. The latest version of our website has 20,000 lines of code and our prototype app has 700.


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We’ve been working on our product for nearly 18 months. We’ve written just over 80,000 lines. We’ve processed 179,156 transactions already.


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We have paying clients, for whom Chris manually converts sketches to slides. David is coding an iPad interface to automate this ‐ it's currently a small codebase (< 1,000 lines) David has previously worked on a number computer vision projects before with applicable technologies. David also wrote 15,000 lines of code last year for our previous startup, Datoral.


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We have been working for about two weeks (started roughly mid October).


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We started in January, and Apptimize is currently ~8K lines of code (not including libraries, html, or css) and works end-to-end. The frontend is JS, CSS, and Angular. We’re on EC2 mainly using PostgreSQL, nginx, and Netty/Java.

Standard Treasury(S13)

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Pre-development. We've incorporated. I'm still at Stripe. Dan's still at Giftly. It didn't make sense to start until one of the banks signalled a willingness to sign a commercial agreement as their was nothing to integrate with. Ready to start now. Raising money because of non-trivial commercial and regulatory costs. Far along with recruiting the rest of the early team and considering raising a seed round.


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The proof of concept evolved from a blog (, which was started in January 2011. The new effort (automated, multiple designers, own brand) started in late-June 2012. Our Django application has ~5 kloc python (application code), ~1 kloc javascript, and ~3 kloc HTML / CSS. We also rely heavily on several third-party open source libraries.

One Month(S13)

Full application

I've been working on a web app since November and `rake stats` shows me 615 lines of code and 415 lines of test code. How far along are you? Do you have a beta yet? If not, when will you? Are you launched? If so, how many users do you have? Do you have revenue? If so, how much? If you're launched, what is your monthly growth rate (in users or revenue or both)? The web app is live – it allows users to sign up to access videos, lecture notes, tracks progress and generates certificates – and serves around 500 unique users per day. As we're still bootstrapping, all of our users come in and pay through other educational platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, General Assembly, and Appsumo. Upcoming features include payment processing through the app, multiple paths to build different kinds of apps, and the ability to see progress on a user-by-user basis. So far over 6,000 users have paid between $20-50 each to sign up and the feedback is incredibly positive. We've generated over $80,000 in revenue with almost no cost. When we opened up the most recent class, 3,000 paid users signed up in two weeks (40% growth week over week versus previously).

Make School(W12)

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As of October 2011, we have: -Begun contacting solo developers of promising but ugly existing apps on the app store. -Begun contacting artists willing to work with these developers for free and share revenue. -Begun development of a very simple game that we will publish with and without high-quality graphics, so we can accurately measure the impact of production value on sales. By December, without needing to build to full site, we will have tested the essence of our site: matching talented engineers with talented artists, publishing the results, and taking a share of the revenue.


Full application

We have not started building yet.

The Muse(W12)

Full application

Our beta site is up and running at with a minimum viable product based on attracting the userbase necessary to hit the ground running with our job products. We are launching our first career newsletter Wednesday with a paid placement by Uber and are working on the outlines for our predictive job products.


Full application

7 months and 2834 lines of Ruby, SQL and sh, plus a large but uncounted volume of HTML templates.


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3 months part time. About ~5KLOC client and ~2KLOC server of python, C++, Cheetah templates, installer scripts, etc.

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