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How did you hear about Y Combinator?

How 10 YC companies answered the "How did you hear about Y Combinator?" question from the YCombinator Application.

10 answers / 13 words on average

"How did you hear about Y Combinator?" — 10 answers


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I have been building tech companies since 2007 and known about YC since then. In 2012, I applied with my last company (SupportBee) but didn’t make it in.


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YCombinator hackathon + Startup School + YC Podcast


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I heard about YC through my cofounder Phelim (psb31), who had heard about it from his friend Mark Moriarty (mbym).


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Who doesn't know Y Combinator?


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It's all over the startup ecosystem


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Reading PG's essay's over the years and being early employees at YC companies.


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Yellow Pages

Simple Habit(W17)

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So many of my friends have gone through Y Combinator and they rave about it. Founders of Gusto, Flexport, Weave, Muse, Experiment, Tenjin, Innerspace, ProductHunt, Memebox.


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been on hacker news since 2007

80,000 Hours(S15)

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When researching how to go into tech entrepreneurship. When the non-profit program was released, lots of our users sent it to us.

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