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When will you have a prototype or beta?

How 4 YC companies answered the "When will you have a prototype or beta?" question from the YCombinator Application.

4 answers / 40 words on average / Obsolete question

"When will you have a prototype or beta?" — 4 answers


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Currently testing our beta with customers


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Our first product is nearly ramen profitable. Although our current product is in a market that is rapidly losing value -- print to web ad conversion -- it still helps us build relationships with these newspapers and makes them money (adds about 5% to their bottom line). Our second product is weeks away from its first release. We are launching at one of our partner newspapers on November 9th--they have already pre-sold about 50 customers to the online directory so we will have immediate revenue from that, and several of our other papers are anxious to launch as well.


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We currently already have a alpha build with a variety of clients saying they will or have integrated including some YCombinator companies: Posterous, TicketStumbler, and HeyZap. A beta will likely be finished either before summer starts or soon during. Our alpha version is already earning revenue at a profit and we are working on stream-lining this process.

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