Top 50 FinTech Angel Investors in Germany

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Investors in the list rank based on the number of investments in Fintech Germany companies. The investor list contains angel investors. You can find favourite industries and stages of each investor on the list.
FinTech Angel Investors in Germany
Name Number of investments Relevant deals Favorite stages Favorite industries Description In
Maximilian Tayenthal 18 5 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Financial; IT Co-CEO & Co-Founder @ N26
André M. Bajorat 6 5 Seed; Angel Financial; Software; Lending and Investments Head of Strategy Corporate Bank @ Deutsche Bank
Victor Jacobsson 17 5 Seed; Funding Round; Angel Financial; Payments; Software Co-Founder & Owner @ Klarna
Dominik Richter 7 5 Seed; Pre-Seed; Angel Financial; Software; Commerce/Shopping CEO and Founder @ HelloFresh
Verena Pausder 17 5 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Software; Education; Gaming
Christian Gaiser 14 5 Seed; Angel; Pre-Seed Financial; Commerce/Shopping; Software Co-Founder & CEO @ NUMA Group Founder @ CG Partners
Kai Hansen 29 4 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Commerce/Shopping; Software; Internet Founder and Partner @ Rheingau Founders
Karl-Heinz Flother 5 4 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series B Financial; Other; Payments
Tamaz Georgadze 8 4 Seed; Series A; Series B Financial; Software; IT Co-Founder & CEO @ Raisin Co-Founder & CEO @ WeltSparen
Kilian Thalhammer 8 4 Seed; Angel Financial; Software; Real Estate Managing Partner @ Pearlscout
Lawrence Leuschner 20 4 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Sustainability; Transportation CEO & Co-Founder @ TIER Mobility Founding Supporter @ Leaders for Climate Action CEO & Founder @ Blue Impact Ventures
Frank Freund 8 4 Seed; Series A Software; Financial; Professional Services Founder @ Raisin Co-Founder & CFO @ WeltSparen
Philipp Kloeckner 9 4 Seed; Angel; Funding Round Software; Financial; Apps External Search Strategy Consultant @ Rocket Internet Mentor @ Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator Search & Product Consultant | Angel Investor @ Visual Meta Search Strategy Consultant @ Home24 Search Strategy Consultant @ Lazada Group
Felix Haas 10 3 Seed; Angel; Pre-Seed Software; Financial; Science/Engineering Executive Chairman and Co-Founder @ IDnow Founding Partner @ 10x Group Founding Partner @ FLEX Capital Management GmbH
Dr. Cornelius Boersch 47 3 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Internet; Commerce/Shopping Founder @ Mountain Partners Mr. @ Janamesa
Marcus Borner 8 3 Seed; Pre-Seed; Angel Commerce/Shopping; Software; Financial Founder and CEO @ OptioPay
Stefan Glänzer 30 3 Seed; Angel; Series A Software; Media and Entertainment; Financial Founder @ White Bear Yard Founding Partner @ Passion Capital Chairman / Co-Founder @ Rebate Networks
Carlo Kölzer 6 3 Seed; Series A; Series C Financial; Other; Software Group CEO & Founder @ 360T CEO & Co-Founder @ 360X
Carsten Maschmeyer 40 3 Seed; Angel; Funding Round Software; Health Care; Internet Founding Partner @ MGV Managing Partner @ ALSTIN Capital Founder and CEO @ seed + speed Ventures
Diana zur Löwen 4 3 Seed; Pre-Seed Financial; Payments; Health Care
Michael Brehm 22 3 Seed; Angel; Funding Round Software; Internet; Financial Managing Director & Founder @ i2x Partner @ Redstone
Jonathan Weiner 49 3 Seed; Series A; Series B Financial; Software; Payments Venture Partner @ Oak HC/FT Founder & Chairman @ Growth - Cannabis Conference Founder, Chairman & CEO @ HLTH
Oliver Roskopf 8 3 Seed; Angel Apps; Software; Financial Founder & Managing Director @ Soyan VitaMed Natur
Michael Stephan 5 3 Seed; Series A Financial; Software; Internet Co-Founder/COO @ Raisin Co-Founder & COO @ WeltSparen
Rouven Dresselhaus 36 3 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Commerce/Shopping; Internet Managing Partner @ Cavalry Ventures
Michael Hock 4 3 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series B Financial; Payments; Other General Partner @ embedded/capital CFO & Managing Director @ finleap
Tim Marbach 11 3 Seed; Angel; Series A Commerce/Shopping; Transportation; Real Estate CEO & Founder @ Asia Venture Group Executive Chairman @ iPrice Group Co-Founder @ The Naked Market
Jochen Engert 20 3 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Software; Transportation; IT Founder & CEO @ FlixBus
Hanno Renner 16 3 Seed; Series A; Angel Software; IT; Hardware Chief Executive Officer @ Personio
Christian Vollmann 25 2 Seed; Angel; Series A Software; Internet; Media and Entertainment Venture Partner @ PropTech1 Ventures
Ingo Weber 3 2 Seed Gaming; Sports; Health Care Founder and CEO @ Carcharodon Capital
Raffael Johnen 7 2 Pre-Seed; Seed; Series A Financial; Payments; Software Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ auxmoney
André Schürrle 6 2 Seed Gaming; Sports; Software
Oskar Hartmann 10 2 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Commerce/Shopping; Transportation; Design Founder&President @ Hartmann Holdings Founder & President @ Founder @ KupiVIP Co-Founder @ Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain Founder @ Larix Founder @ Factorymarket
Andreas Burike 8 2 Pre-Seed; Seed; Angel IT; Administrative; Software CFO @ AnyDesk
Reiner Mauch 3 2 Angel; Series A Financial; Hardware; Software Owner @ Zeltverleih Mauch
Constanze Buchheim 8 2 Angel; Convertible Note; Seed Internet; Software; Health Care Managing Partner @ i-potentials
Thomas Bachem 8 2 Seed; Angel; Series A Internet; Software; Education Founder and Chancellor @ CODE University of Applied Sciences Founder & Vice Chairman @ German Startups Association Founder & MD @ Scaling Technologies
Peter Schuepbach 9 2 Funding Round; Series A; Angel Software; Video; Design Founder @ SwissCommerce GmbH Partner @ NewBorn Capital Holding AG
David Schneider 7 2 Series B; Funding Round; Seed Financial; Other; Commerce/Shopping Founder @ Zalando
Klaas Kersting 21 2 Seed; Funding Round; Angel Software; Gaming; Mobile Founder and CEO @ Phoenix Games
Sekip Can Gokalp 3 2 Seed; Funding Round Software; Other; Hardware CEO & Co-Founder @ Coda Platform
Andreas Brenner 3 2 Seed; Pre-Seed Other; Real Estate; Consumer Goods
Lucas Cranach 7 2 Angel; Seed; Pre-Seed Software; Apps; Internet Founder and CEO @ OneFootball
Dennis Weidner 3 2 Pre-Seed; Funding Round Software; Financial; Apps
Frank Strauss 6 2 Seed; Series A Financial; Lending and Investments; Payments
Thomas Noth 2 2 Seed Financial; Lending and Investments
Feliks Eyser 4 2 Series A; Seed Software; Payments; Education
Oliver Hehl 4 2 Angel; Seed; Pre-Seed Software; Apps; Financial
Max Tayenthal 4 2 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Financial; IT; Payments
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