Top 50 SaaS VC Funds in United Kingdom

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Investors in the list rank based on the number of investments in Saas United kingdom companies. The investor list contains vc funds. You can find favourite industries and stages of each investor on the list.
SaaS VC Funds in United Kingdom
Name Number of investments Relevant deals Favorite stages Favorite industries Description In
Seedcamp 244 97 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; IT; Financial Seedcamp is Europe's seed fund, identifying and investing early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology. The Seedcamp Nation includes over 400 startups building breakout businesses that change the way people live, interact and buy and includes publicly listed UiPath, Wise, and unicornsRevolut, Hopin, Sorare, Pleo, and wefox along with fast-growing businesses such as Grover, and Ezra. Seedcamp fast-tracks a founder's vision and creates value through immediate access to smart capital, a lifelong community of support and a global network built upon more than a decade's experience backing exceptional talent.Seedcamp fast-tracks a founder's vision and creates value through immediate access to smart capital, a lifelong community of support, and a global network built upon more than a decade's experience backing exceptional talent.
Force Over Mass Capital 133 95 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; IT; Data and Analytics Force Over Mass Capital is an FCA regulated venture capital firm focused on early stage technology investments across UK and Europe. We invest in B2B innovation across four verticals, i.e. Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS and Industry 4.0.FOM cap operates both seed and scale-up funds to support early stage businesses through their growthjourney.
Ascension 138 89 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Software; Internet; Financial Ascension is an early-stage VC built by exited entrepreneurs to back the next generation of tech and impact founders
Northstar Ventures 139 84 Seed; Funding Round; Series A Software; Commerce/Shopping; Internet Northstar Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in innovative solutions to help solve the most pressing societal issues we have today.  Our ticket sizes range from £100k to £500k into early stage tech companies. We provide added value in leveraging our network of university partners, funders, non-executive directors and talent to supporteach investment.
Scottish Investment Bank 159 82 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Our growth investments team (formerly the Scottish Investment Bank) helps you find sources of finance, engage with funders and secure investment to grow your business.
Par Equity 135 76 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Software; Hardware; IT Founded in 2008, Par Equity is a venture capital firm that backs the most innovative, high growth technology companies in the North of the UK. Based in Edinburgh, Par invests across Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Octopus Ventures 204 75 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Science/Engineering; Financial Octopus Ventures is one of Europe's largest and most active Venture Capital firms investing in startups in the areas of health, money, deep tech and B2B Software.
LocalGlobe 212 71 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Financial; Data and Analytics Seeding ambitious founders at places like @citymapper, @improbableio,@teamkano, @moo, @songkick,@seedcamp, @transferwise and @zoopla since 1999. Who's next?
Techstart Ventures 110 65 Seed; Pre-Seed; Funding Round Software; Hardware; IT Techstart Ventures is a leading investor of seed capital across Scotland and Northern Ireland. they are a trusted partner to ambitious founders on their journey to success.
MMC Ventures 134 61 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Data and Analytics; Science/Engineering MMC is a venture capital fund investing in early stage, high-growth UK companies. Our mission is to be involved in the creation of the global industry-leading companies of tomorrow.
Business Growth Fund 185 59 Funding Round; Series A; Private Equity Software; IT; Health Care BGF invests in hundreds of businesses from an evergreen balance sheet. But we offer more than just growth capital. Find out what makes us different.
IQ Capital 112 59 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics IQ Capital is a Cambridge & London-based VC firm that invests in ‘deep tech’ companies capable of dominating their respective markets on a global scale. Initial investments at Seed and Series A range from £0.5m to £10m, with capacity for follow-on investment up to £30m through the Growth Fund. The team has achieved over 30 exits including toApple, Huawei, Google and Oracle.
SFC Capital 135 58 Pre-Seed; Seed; Funding Round Software; Financial; Data and Analytics SFC Capital, the UK's most active seed investor (PitchBook, 2020), provides capital and support to British startups. By combining its Angel Network and Seed Funds, SFC has created a unique model that allows investors to get exposure to SEIS- and EIS-qualifying businesses, either directly or through a diversified portfolio curated and managedby SFC’s expert team. In 2020, SFC received a £10m allocation from Business Investments as part of the Regional Angels Programme in support of SFC's mission to back promising early-stage companies from every corner of the UK.SFC Capital is an Appointed Representative of SFC Capital Partners Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 736184).
Seedrs 147 58 Seed; Equity Crowdfunding; Pre-Seed Software; Commerce/Shopping; Internet Online investing opportunities in the best new startup businesses, and raise seed and angel investment, with top European equity crowdfunding site Seedrs.
Downing Ventures 122 57 Funding Round; Series A; Seed Software; Data and Analytics; Science/Engineering Downing Ventures is a division of Downing LLP. They invest venture capital into early and growth stage technology businesses. Our belief is that technology now forms an integral part of the everyday lives of consumers, corporations and governments. Further, they believe that they are now experiencing the benefits of the second wave of technologydevelopment, which is now based on sound infrastructure. Investing into this trend, they look for: Visionary entrepreneurs, with the ability to execute as well as dream. Large (potential) addressable markets. Distinct product / service advantages. Limited adoption risk for customers. They seek to invest 250,000 to 5 million per company. They will invest in seed-stage deals and Series A deals, and then look to continue to support those companies through phases of subsequent growth. Fundamentally, they back entrepreneurs. They are supportive, hopefully helpful, investors.
Parkwalk Advisors 175 56 Seed; Series A; Series B Science/Engineering; Health Care; Software Parkwalk is a London-based fund management firm. Parkwalk invests in UK technology companies that have IP backing and freedom to operate, generally spun out of UK universities. Their funds seek to generate capital gains for their investors, enhanced by the attractive tax relief provided by EIS. Parkwalk entered this investment sector in 2009,anticipating a wave of tax-efficient incentives launched by the UK Government to stimulate innovative emerging technology companies and thereby help drive economic growth.Parkwalk utilises academic, technology transfer, venture capital and personal networks developed over many years to gain access to the highest calibre deal-flow. In 2017 Parkwalk joined forces with IP Group plc, a leading intellectual property commercialisation company that is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IPO. As at March 2019 the combined group has net assets of £1.2bn.
Cambridge Angels group 110 56 Seed; Funding Round; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Hardware The Cambridge Angels are a group of high-net worth investors who have proven experience as successful entrepreneurs in internet, software, technology and bio-technology. Members invest in and mentor high quality start-up and early-stage companies in these sectors in the Cambridge (UK) area and throughout the UK.Typical funding requirements thatthe Cambridge Angels meet are in the range of £50,000 to £500,000 - although it is worth noting that several of their portfolio companies have received more than £1m in funding from their Members over several funding rounds.Their Members have been responsible for a large number of the “Cambridge Phenomenon” success stories over recent years. Therefore, in addition to providing funding for early-stage companies, the Cambridge Angels also offer start-ups the considerable benefit of a wide range of expertise, contacts and directly relevant experience in establishing and growing entrepreneurial businesses successfully.
Index Ventures 748 55 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; Internet; IT Index Ventures is an international venture capital firm with dual headquarters in San Francisco and London, investing in technology-enabled companies with a focus on e-commerce, fintech, mobility, gaming, infrastructure/AI, and security.
Maven Capital Partners 111 55 Funding Round; Series A; Seed Software; IT; Hardware Maven is one of the UK's leading private equity and investment firms. We provide essential capital and expertise to help businesses unlock their potential.
Amadeus Capital Partners 177 55 Series A; Seed; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Hardware Amadeus Capital Partners, Venture Capital For Technology Companies. We Back Entreprenuers To Win. Contact Our Experienced Team Of Investors Today
Episode 1 90 55 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Data and Analytics; IT Episode1 Ventures is a venture capital fund set up to invest in early-stage technology companies based in London, UK.
Fuel Ventures 102 55 Seed; Funding Round; Pre-Seed Software; Commerce/Shopping; Internet Fuel Ventures - a leading early stage seed / growth stage EIS Fund based in London, UK. Investing in the most ambitious technology companies.
Newable Private Investing 96 53 Seed; Funding Round; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Health Care Newable Ventures is the UK's leading early stage early stage investment fund and the most active Business Angel network.
Forward Partners 89 53 Seed; Series A; Pre-Seed Software; Commerce/Shopping; IT Forward Partners is a venture capital firm in London specialising in technology businesses focused on eCommerce, marketplace and applied AI early-stage startups.
Venrex 114 49 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Commerce/Shopping; Design Venrex Investment Management is a UK-based venture capital firm that backs creative Founders to launch and build innovative businesses.
Development Bank of Wales 127 49 Seed; Funding Round; Debt Financing Software; Health Care; Science/Engineering Development Bank of Wales is formed in 2001 by the Welsh Assembly Government. Development Bank of Wales is an independent company, providing commercial funding to Welsh SMEs. They invests private and public funds, including EU funds.
Passion Capital 132 48 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Financial; Data and Analytics Passion Capital is a partnership of entrepreneurs and operators applying their experiences to helping founders and early-stage teams build great digital media/technology companies. They are Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero.They have been personally involved in the largest European technology exits of the past decade,including the biggest exits of the year for 4 of the past 10 years by market value ( acquired by QXL, Skype purchased by Ebay, acquired by CBS, and QXL/Tradus acquired by Naspers) and want to be involved in many more.They believe that the critical differentiator and key asset of a successful business is the passion and ability of its founders.They are committed to fostering an ecosystem of technology, collaboration and executional excellence in Europe. As an example of this, White Bear Yard is their own hub for activities, ambitions and energy and where have fun in the process.
Angels Den 91 47 Seed; Funding Round; Angel Software; Internet; Commerce/Shopping Angels Den is an angel-led investment platform that connects fast-growing companies with experienced investors.
AlbionVC 103 47 Funding Round; Series A; Seed Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics AlbionVC invests from seed through to Series B in B2B software and healthcare. Albion has 20+ years’ experience investing in technology, has c.£500m of venture funds, with over 50 tech investments within its portfolios. AlbionVC is the technology investment arm of Albion Capital Group LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial ConductAuthority.
Equity Gap 85 47 Seed; Funding Round; Angel Software; Science/Engineering; IT Equity Gap is a group of private individuals set up to invest in and support emerging and growing businesses based in Scotland
Notion Capital 148 45 Series A; Series B; Seed Software; IT; Data and Analytics Notion Capital is a VC firm focused on European SaaS and Cloud.
Hambro Perks Ltd. 123 45 Seed; Secondary Market; Series A Software; Financial; Health Care Hambro Perks partner with founders and entrepreneurs to support growth businesses at all stages of investment cycle. Hambro Perks has specialised and dedicated investment teams, working across a number of funds. In addition to their flagship Venture, EIS and co-investment funds, Hambro Perks offers a number of specialist differentiated investmentstrategies, including Hambro Perks Environmental Technology, Special Situations, and Access, which invests in venture secondaries.
Oxford Capital Partners 123 44 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Internet Helping individuals and institutions invest in Venture Capital, Infrastructure and Media companies since 1999.
Speedinvest 286 43 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Financial; IT Speedinvest is one of Europe’s most active early-stage investors, with more than €400m AUM, 40 investors, and offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna and San Francisco. Your success is our priority, so we don’t just send some money and "check in" at board meetings. Our mission is to empower you with game-changing support throughevery stage of your journey. Our focused investment teams know your industry inside and out. Their Deep Tech, Fintech, Industrial Tech, Network Effects, Digital Health and Subscriptions experience, know-how and deep networks are yours from day one. You also have full access to our in-house Platform+ team of operational experts who can provide tailored growth marketing, people (HR), US business development, and networking support throughout every stage of your journey.
The FSE Group 119 43 Debt Financing; Seed; Series A Software; IT; Hardware FSE C.I.C. is an independent not-for-profit Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) whose surpluses are reinvested in the business, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners. FSE C.I.C. has a number of subsidiary companies to deliver its funds and services, which are collectively referred to as The FSE Group.All regulated activities are delivered through FSE Fund Managers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Finance East Limited delivers funding for businesses based in the East of England region.
Connect Ventures 112 43 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Internet; Apps Connect Ventures is a venture capital firm specialized in investments in seed, startup, series A, and early-stage companies. They are passionate about the power of product to transform people’s lives, on a massive scale. They fundamentally believe that products made with love and loved by many are crucial factors for success and scale. So they havecreated a distinctive VC firm that is singularly focused on Founders who are instinctive about product.They are a lean, collegial and partner-driven firm. Yes or no, right or wrong, fit or unfit. It’s binary. All in. They are here to work for their Founders. Only they can build the business. Their role is to be the ones they can rely on. To give them tough love, hard truths and solid backup. Their promise is to enable them to realise theirs.
Oxford Science Enterprises 101 42 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Science/Engineering; Health Care; Software Oxford Sciences Innovation is the world’s largest university-partnered venture firm. We work with the University of Oxford to build companies that create fundamental technologies: science-based businesses capable of tackling the planet’s toughest problems. We invest in life science, AI and software, healthcare, and deep tech to create companiestaking on challenges like nuclear fusion, quantum computing and developing treatments and cures for infectious diseases. Founded in 2015, we’ve raised over £600M to create a world-class technology ecosystem, and combine our deep experience with a network of investors, entrepreneurs and sector-experts to find co-investment, build businesses, and hire senior management talent.
Beringea 130 42 Series A; Series B; Funding Round Software; Commerce/Shopping; IT Beringea is an international investor in high growth US & UK businesses. With expertise in multiple sectors we are at the forefront of emerging trends.
Playfair Capital 91 41 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Data and Analytics; AI Playfair Capital is an early-stage fund that commits to companies early and with conviction. Based in London, Playfair combines the best aspects of angel investing with a focused fund, to invest in truly ambitious founders, wherever they are in the world. Playfair takes a sector-agnostic approach and investments span deep tech, SaaS, marketplaces and B2B companies.
SyndicateRoom 99 40 Seed; Equity Crowdfunding; Funding Round Health Care; Software; Science/Engineering SyndicateRoom is fintech company made up of data-scientists, investment professionals, software developers and marketers with one mission: to be an early investor in every British startup success story.To do this – and make fund investors money – we don’t try to spot the next Big Thing.Instead, we apply a data-driven model to portfolioconstruction; a repeatable process designed to maximise returns and minimise risk for fund investors. As such, we build startup portfolios that don’t attempt to predict the future; they work to stack the odds in investors’ favour.Our fund, Access EIS, aims to build investors a diversified portfolio of 50+ companies by co‑investing exclusively with some of the UK’s best-performing angel investors.
Mercia Fund Managers 104 38 Seed; Funding Round; Series A Software; Health Care; Science/Engineering Mercia Asset Management providing equity and debt to regional businesses with growth ambition. We are your capital partners from scale-up to exit.
Scottish Enterprise 166 38 Grant; Funding Round; Seed Science/Engineering; Software; Health Care Scotland's business advice, support and funding agency. Explore our products and services to find the right support for your business and apply online today.
24 Haymarket 88 38 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; IT 24Haymarket is an investment network which included several highly-experienced private equity and venture capital investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and senior operators. Investing up to £5 million in growth companies in the UK and Europe. They invested their own capital in direct alignment with entrepreneurs and actively support their growthagenda and join the board of the companies in which they invest. Since inception in 2011, 24Haymarket has invested in more than 50 high-growth businesses.
Pentech Ventures 77 38 Series A; Funding Round; Series B Software; IT; Data and Analytics Pentech Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on finding category defining software companies. Their passion is helping founders develop their startup into an internationally successful organisation. They have done this multiple times, partnering with leading VCs, corporations and investment banks along the way. They consider any opportunitycapable of becoming a market leader but are most comfortable being the first venture investor, supporting founders through the early stages of proving product and market fit. Their initial investment is likely to be £500K to £2M, with up to £10M invested over the lifetime of the investment.They invest in founders who are ambitious to build a global company, have the passion and ability to attract the best team and who are focused on the data and understand the key drivers in proving and building their business. They support the founders they invest in to develop and grow with their business.
Scottish Equity Partners 121 37 Funding Round; Series B; Series A Software; Energy; IT Here at SEP we specialise in investment for high growth companies across a range of technology sectors. Partnering with you to fuel growth.
Crane Venture Partners 73 37 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; IT; Data and Analytics Crane is a London based VC firm investing and building seed and early stage intelligent enterprise and deep technology businesses across Europe. Our strategy is to support founders in building and executing their go-to-market strategy.
Praetura Ventures 76 36 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Software; IT; Financial Praetura Ventures has been supporting entrepreneurs with more than money since 2011. Click to find out more about how we can help businesses and investors.
YFM Equity Partners 81 34 Funding Round; Private Equity; Series A Software; IT; Hardware YFM Equity Partners is an independent private equity business owned by its senior management and investment team. They invest up to £10 million of equity through offices in Leeds, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield.
JamJar Investments 88 33 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Commerce/Shopping; Health Care JamJar Investments is a venture capital firm that invest in high growth consumer brand businesses in both digital and non-tech.Its combination of operational, commercial and brand experience was honed over 14 years taking innocent from scratch to sale to Coca Cola for north of half a billion £. That journey means the company understand thejourney of entrepreneurs, the highs the lows, the challenges and some of the solutions. JamJar is the consumer Venture Capital fund run by the innocent drinks founders.
Anthemis Group 168 33 Seed; Series A; Series B Financial; Software; IT digitally native finance
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