Top 50 SaaS Angel Investors in Australia

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Investors in the list rank based on the number of investments in Saas Australia companies. The investor list contains angel investors. You can find favourite industries and stages of each investor on the list.
SaaS Angel Investors in Australia
Name Number of investments Relevant deals Favorite stages Favorite industries Description In
Chris Sang 108 8 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Internet; Data and Analytics
Leigh Jasper 21 8 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Real Estate; Science/Engineering Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Aconex Limited
Mark Livings 10 7 Seed; Angel; Pre-Seed Software; Commerce/Shopping; Transportation Co-Founder & CEO @ Lyre's Spirit Co
Gabby Leibovich 9 6 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Software; Apps; Sales/Marketing Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Scoopon
Damian George 6 6 Seed Other; Internet; Sales/Marketing
Thomas Rice 10 5 Seed; Convertible Note Software; Hardware; Internet Portfolio Manager @ Perpetual Limited
Hezi Leibovich 8 5 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Advertising; Internet Founder @ Scoopon
Chadd Ciccarelli 11 5 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Gaming; Media and Entertainment
Bevan Clark 9 5 Seed; Angel; Series A Internet; Other; Commerce/Shopping
Didier Elzinga 9 5 Series A; Seed Software; Data and Analytics; Design Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Culture Amp
Guy King 8 5 Seed; Angel; Series A Internet; Software; Commerce/Shopping Founder / Board Member @ LIFX Co-Founder @ Stateless Systems
Emlyn Scott 31 5 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Software; Science/Engineering; Data and Analytics Managing Partner @ CP Ventures
James McKinnon 10 4 Seed; Angel; Series A Software; Sales/Marketing; Privacy/Security Managing Partner @ MIRIN CAPITAL Founder @ Sittr
Steve Baxter 8 4 Seed; Angel; Series A Software; Transportation; Content/Publishing Non-Executive Director @ OtherLevels CEO & Founder @ Transition Level Investments Partner @ TEN13
Adam Schwab 6 4 Seed; Angel; Series C Software; Health Care; Internet Co-Founder & CEO @ Luxury Escapes Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Lux Group
Robert Phillpot 11 4 Seed; Series A; Angel Science/Engineering; IT; Software
Craig Winkler 13 4 Series A; Seed; Series C Software; Financial; Professional Services Non-Executive Director @ Xero Team Member @ BillsTrust
Les Szekely 7 4 Angel; Seed; Series A Software; Other; Commerce/Shopping Managing Director @ Grand Prix Capital Chairman @ Equity Venture Partners Investor & Strategy @ SnapRevise
Antonio Palanca 4 4 Seed Other; Internet; Sales/Marketing Principal Owner @ Prequel ANZ CEO @ HiveXchange
Larry Diamond 8 3 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Financial; Software; Mobile Co-Founder & Global CEO @ Zip
Ruslan Kogan 5 3 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Apps; Gaming Founder and CEO @ Kogan
Bill Tai 48 3 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Internet; Media and Entertainment Co-Founder @ Treasure Data Advisor / Past Board Director @ Scribd Investor (seed round) @ Canva Chair of Strategy & Board Director @ Bitfury Group Partner Emeritus @ CRV
Jeremy Same 3 3 Seed; Angel; Funding Round Internet; Health Care; Consumer Goods Co-Founder @ Lux Group Co-Founder @ Luxury Escapes
Patrick Tuttle 3 3 Series A; Debt Financing Software; Financial; Other
Mike Zimmerman 12 3 Seed; Series A; Angel Software; Data and Analytics; IT Partner @ Main Sequence Ventures Managing Director @ Bondi Ventures
Rayn Ong 8 3 Seed; Pre-Seed; Angel Software; Apps; Events
Matt Berriman 8 3 Funding Round; Seed; Series A Financial; Software; Professional Services Chairman @ Mental Health Australia
Lars Rasmussen 17 3 Seed; Angel; Pre-Seed Software; Media and Entertainment; Hardware Cofounder & Chief Espresso Officer @ Weav
Bosco Tan 4 3 Seed; Funding Round Financial; Apps; Other
Paul Gampe 2 2 Seed; Pre-Seed Apps; Mobile; Software Chief Technology Officer @ PCCW Global
Allan Moss 8 2 Funding Round; Series A; Seed Software; Hardware; Health Care
Adrian Di Marco 6 2 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Software; Sports; Health Care Executive Chairman @ Digital Mapping Solutions
Scott Farquhar 11 2 Seed; Series B; Series A Software; Apps; Health Care Co-Founder / Co-CEO @ Atlassian
Yaniv Bernstein 2 2 Seed Software; Internet; Data and Analytics
Tony Faure 4 2 Series A; Seed; Funding Round Software; Internet; Media and Entertainment Chairman @ Dealised Chair @ ReadyTech Chair @ oOh!Media
Josh Rowe 3 2 Pre-Seed; Series A Sales/Marketing; Education; Other
Matt Rockman 7 2 Seed; Series A; Funding Round Mobile; Software; Apps
Jill Preotle 4 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Gaming; Software; Transportation Director @ ITeam
Michael Doubinski 3 2 Seed; Funding Round Transportation; Commerce/Shopping; Gaming Founder @ HotelsCombined Board of Directors @
Tim Fung 3 2 Seed; Pre-Seed; Series A Internet; Community/Lifestyle; Financial Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Airtasker Co-founder @ Tank Stream Labs Co-founder @ Joe Button
Nathan Young 3 2 Seed; Angel; Convertible Note Mobile; Hardware; Software Director @ Bora Bora Resources
Guy Pearson 5 2 Seed; Angel; Pre-Seed Software; Financial; Professional Services Co-Founder & CEO @ Ignition
Greta Bradman 3 2 Seed; Series A Software; Data and Analytics; Agriculture/Farming
Ray Stata 24 2 Series A; Series B; Series C Science/Engineering; Hardware; Software Founder @ Stata Venture Partners Founder @ Integrated SoftTech Solutions
Michael Gonski 4 2 Seed; Funding Round Software; Hardware; Health Care
Aayush Phumbhra 13 2 Seed; Debt Financing; Angel Internet; Software; Mobile Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Nectar
Boon Hwee Koh 43 2 Seed; Series A; Series B Software; Science/Engineering; Financial Founding Partner @ CRC Capital
Tony Gandel 3 2 Seed; Series B; Funding Round Administrative; Hardware; Software Managing Director & Founder @ Gandel Invest
Andrew Sypkes 2 2 Seed; Pre-Seed Real Estate; Professional Services; IT
Brendan Hill 2 2 Seed; Funding Round Software; Apps; Hardware
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