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The AI bot that floods your calendar with investor meetings by automating investor research and outreach.


Get meetings with investors

How Shizune works

Finds investors for your startups
Gets meetings via warm intros or cold emails
Sends you calendar invites

Find hundreds of investors in one click

Shizune will build your investor pipeline for you, so you don't have to spend weeks on investor research.

Tailored to your startup

Connect with the right investors who invest in your industry, at your stage, in your country.

No research is needed

Be prepared for the meeting. Shizune builds a detailed profile on each investor.

Emails included

Reach out to the investors right away.

Research investors

"These folks are exactly what I'm looking for!

I love that they have interest in the sector I'm building in and I have a lot of mutual connections already."

Kelsey Bishop

Founder of Candor

Get meetings with investors. Automatically.

Delegate all your outreach to Shizune and just attend meetings.

Warm intros
Cold emails
Meeting scheduling
Control everything

Leave a good impression on every investor. Edit or cancel any message before Shizune sends it.

Build your own outreach strategy

Be unique. Build message sequences, edit templates, set your schedule.

Personalized messages only

Get more responses. Our AI generates personalized messages for every contact.

Track the progress

See the big picture in the CRM. Get notifications about important actions.

Start meeting 15 investors a week