Shizune is an AI bot that finds investors that want to fund you. We just launched a massive update:

  • Find 2X more investors — we doubled our database.
  • Investor emails included — Shizune can now find and validate investor emails.
  • Spot a perfect fit at a glance — Shizune now highlights the best matches.

Check out the update yourself

Investor email finder

I'm excited to introduce investor email finder — a top feature request from our community! Just click one button and Shizune will find and verify the investor's email.

Find investor emails here

Spot a perfect fit at a glance

We introduced a new grading system that highlights the best matches.

  • Extremely relevant — a perfect match. All criteria have the highest score (industry, stage, geo, activities).
  • Highly relevant — an almost perfect match. One criterion has a "Medium" score.

Find your perfect match

2X more investors

In the past couple of months, we grew our web scraping powers 4x and added thousands of investors to our database. Currently, we have 12.000+ investors in our database and it's growing every day.

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