How to design a pitch deck?

How to design a pitch deck?

This is an actionable summary of YC's Kevin Hale guide on designing pitch decks.

Good deck design should help you communicate things clearly. It should help people understand what you say.

Good slides are:

  1. Legible — “Legible slides are ones that even old people sitting in the back row with bad eyesight can read.”
  2. Simple — “Simple ideas are ones that aren’t intertwined with other ideas. A simple slide, therefore, expresses one idea.”
  3. Obvious — “Obvious slides are ones that can be understood at a glance.”

Below is a set of rules that helps you to keep your slides legible, simple, and obvious.

Make your slides easy to read

  • Use large type.
  • Bold text.
  • A simple font.
  • With good contrast from the background.

One slide = one idea

Write less

Avoid screenshots and diagrams

Make things explicit

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