Cold email template

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A guide on cold emailing investors and a startup blurb template.

Subject line: Shizune, an AI bot that can schedule meetings with investors

Hi David,
I think you'd be a great investor for us because of your experience with Copy AI. We're using text generation AI to automate the outreach for founders.

My name is Pavel, I'm the founder of Shizune, an SF-based SaaS platform that helps startup founders get investor meetings by automating investor research and outreach.

Our progress:
- $90k in pre-orders growing at a 100% MoM rate.
- Launched the MVP three months ago (Nov 2).

Founding team:
- Pavel (CEO) — founded and scaled a B2B SaaS company to $200k ARR (was micro acquired in Feb)
- Vladislav (CTO) — engineering team lead with 8 years of experience.

We're raising a $1M pre-seed round to hit the $20k MRR milestone in 9 months. Our raise is moving much faster than expected and we have $500K committed so far after two weeks.

Can we discuss this for 15 minutes? Happy to react to your schedule or engage with someone who manages your calendar, but if it’s helpful, I also have a Calendly link. Also happy to email if that's better for you.

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